Welcome To Troop 722!


Whether your son just crossed over from a Pack or applied as a new Scout, this is an exciting time for both of you! Welcome to Troop 722. We hope the following information will help you and your family "Be Prepared" for a great Scouting adventure with our troop. If you have any questions, please get in touch with any of our adult leaders. Looking forward to getting to know your Scout and your family.

We are a Scout led troop

One of the major goals of Scouting is to develop Scouts into leaders. In order for the Scouts to become leaders, they need to practice leading. Therefore, as much as possible, the troop prefers for the Scouts to decide how troop meetings will be held, where the Scouts will go to summer camp, what campouts and other events will be held, etc. The adult leaders are here to provide guidance and ensure Scout safety, but will allow Scouts to execute nearly all Scouting events. This often requires adults to exercise patience and understanding at Scout events while the Scouts learn.

Are the Scouts assigned to patrols?

The Scouts are divided into patrols by age and grade in school, and are led by a Patrol Leader (one of the Scouts in that Patrol). The new Scouts will typically be in their own patrol called "Blue Foxes".

What is expected of parents?

For your first year in the troop, we encourage parents to get to know the troop, how it works, who runs it, and the other families. All adult leaders are volunteers who have Scouts in the troop or who used to have Scouts in the troop and have remained active with the troop. In order for the troop to be successful, it is vital that parents become involved in leadership positions. The troop goes by the motto, "If everyone does a little, no one does a lot." If you have an interest in getting involved, please speak with one of the adult leaders. Also, from time to time the troop will hold meetings with parents to ask for help with various leadership positions. Over time, we hope you will decide to become an adult leader. While your Scout is early in his Scouting career, we encourage you to attend weekly troop meetings so that you can observe and be informed of important announcements shared at the meeting. This will give you an opportunity to talk with your son about things he has heard and learned at the troop meeting. Also, you will have a chance to coordinate and reinforce anything he needs to follow up on after the meeting, e.g., upcoming events, buying food for his cook group, bringing forms to the next meeting, signing up for an event, etc.

How can I help my son succeed in the troop?

  • Get on the Troop 722 email distribution list
  • Secure your Scout’s uniform
  • Attend and participate in weekly Troop Meetings
  • Start participating in events. Tthis is the best place to build relationships with other Scouts and parents.
  • Participate in the Trail To First Class
  • Fill out this form and get involved by volunteering for various positions
  • Come to the Court of Honor, where Scouts get awards
  • Sync your personal calendar with the troop calendar
  • Monitor and guide your Scout’s progress
  • Encourage your son to have fun


Troop meetings are every Thursday at 7pm

Troop meetings are held every Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at Faith Lutheran Church (FLC), located at 20080 Redwood Rd. in Castro Valley. There are often event specific meetings after the regular troop meeting as well. The meeting on the third Thursday of every month is called "PLC", which stands for Patrol Leaders' Council. These are planning meetings typically attended by Scouts who have leadership positions, although anyone is welcome to attend. In addition, adult leaders hold their Troop Committee meetings on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at FLC. Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings.

What do Scouts do at troop meetings?

Troop meetings start off with raising of the colors (flags). Next, Scouts and Scouters (what Scouts call adult leaders) make announcements about upcoming events. It is important for parents of younger Scouts to be present and pay attention to announcements so that you are also informed. Following announcements, older Scouts will often work with younger Scouts to teach them necessary skills to complete their rank advancement requirements, or other group activities will take place.

Check the calendar for additional events

Every month we have lots of outings, from camping trips to service projects. Check the calendar to see what's coming up and ask your son which he might be interested in attending.


Uniform and handbook

The uniform is an important part of Scouting. Each Scout needs to have a complete uniform, which includes a Scout shirt, Scout pants (many Scouts buy convertible pants that provides quick and easy transition from pants to shorts), socks and belt. The troop will provide a Scout cap, the troop number patch, council patch, fleur-di-lis patch and a Scout handbook. Once a Scout has camped for 5 nights with the troop, he will earn his neckerchief and neckerchief slide. Most Scouts will earn their neckerchief and slide at their first summer camp. You will hear the official Scout uniform referred to as the "Class A" uniform. Your Scout will also receive a T-Shirt with a Troop 722 logo on it. This shirt is referred to as the "Class B" uniform. Most Scouting events in public require the Class A uniform.

Where to get stuff

The East Bay Scout Shop is located at 1001 Davis St. in San Leandro. They're open from 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-4:30pm Sat and closed Sun. This is where you can purchase all Scout-specific stuff like uniforms, patches, handbooks, and things like that in addition to general camping gear. Troop 722 also has a used uniform bank that may have clothes that fit.

The uniform

Use the Uniform Checklist to see what's needed and where the patches should be located on the uniform. You need the following:

  • Uniform Long or short-sleeve shirt (khaki)
  • Shoulder epaulets (provided by the troop)
  • San Francisco Bay Area Council shoulder patch (provided by the troop)
  • Troop 722 unit patch (provided by the troop)
  • Fleur de Lys patch
  • Convertible pants or shorts (forest green)
  • Boy Scout web belt and buckle (some pants have the belt and buckle built in)
  • Olive drab socks
  • Class B Troop 722 t-shirt (provided by the troop)


Trail To First Class

The troop has a program called the Trail to First Class (aka TTFC) that is designed to help new Scouts reach their First Class rank within 12 to 18 months of joining the troop. TTFC campouts are held twice a year, one in late April and one in October. Younger Scouts come on Saturday morning and camp overnight. For more information, please contact our TTFC coordinator.

Can parents attend the TTFC Campouts?

With the exception of summer camp, which has limits on the number of adults that can attend, parents are welcome to attend any troop activities, especially campouts. These are excellent opportunities for parents to get to know the troop, build relationships, and have fun.

What is summer camp and what do Scouts do there?

It is a one week camp where Scouts work on rank advancement, earn merit badges, and have fun. A more detailed discussion of summer camp will be provided later in the year as we get closer to going. For more information, contact our Summer Camp Coordinator.


Rank Advancement

As a new Scout, the ranks to focus on are Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. These ranks are primarily designed to teach the Scouts a baseline level of skills they need to be a Boy Scout. For example, first aid, fire skills, knife and ax skills, knot tying, map and compass skills, etc. Once the Scouts reach First Class, they will start working on the final three ranks: Star, Life and Eagle. These ranks require the Scouts to earn a number of required and optional merit badges, take on leadership positions within the troop, and perform community service.

How does my Scout earn a new rank?

Once a Scout has completed all of the requirements necessary to earn a new rank, the Scout will need to request a meeting with the Scoutmaster called a "Scoutmaster Conference". This meeting is an opportunity for the Scoutmaster to check in with your Scout to see how he is doing overall. He will ask some of the skills the Scout has learned and discuss his activities in the troop. Once a Scout completes a Scoutmaster Conference, he is ready to speak with the Troop Advancement Chair to schedule a Board of Review (BOR). For more information, please contact our Troop Advancement Chair.

When do the Scouts get recognition for new ranks and for earning merit badges?

As each Scout earns a new rank, the Senior Patrol Leader will announce the Scout's achievement of the new rank at a troop meeting and will present the Scout with the patch for that rank. Three times a year the troop holds a Court of Honor, where Scouts receive parent pins for any ranks earned since the last Court of Honor and any merit badges and other awards they have earned.