Rank Advancement

Plan ahead

It's exciting when you complete all the requirements to advance in rank. However before you earn that rank you need to schedule a Scoutmaster conference, and then a Board of Review. The Scoutmaster especially can be busy with lots of Scouts asking for conferences, so it's best to talk with him about scheduling a conference before you complete the last requirement you need. No one likes to wait, so plan ahead when you can.

Trail to First Class

We will schedule activities at troop meetings and other events to help you get to First Class. Read your Scout Handbook to see the requirements needed to advance to Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and eventually First Class. Don't worry if it seems like a lot. Take it one rank at a time, one requirement at a time, and you'll find yourself completing requirements faster than you thought you would. Remember, as a Scout it's up to you to work on these requirements. The troop is here to support you, not here to tell you what to do.


Rank requirements

http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Boy_Scout_Portal has a list of requirements to advance in each rank.

http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Merit_Badge_Worksheets are worksheets you can use for each of the merit badges.


Merit badges

Before you start a merit badge, you need to ask the Scoutmaster for a blue card and a list of merit badge counselors. You and the merit badge counselor will use the blue card to track your progress towards completing all of the requirements. Once all the requirements are completed you will give one part of the blue card to your merit badge counselor, one part to your Scoutmaster, and one part you keep. It's important you don't lose your part of the blue card. That's your proof you completed all the requirements for that merit badge.


Advancing in rank

Once you complete all the requirements to advance to the next rank, you will need to schedule a Scoutmaster conference and a Board of Review. The Scoutmaster can be busy so it's important to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to ask for a Scoutmaster conference.

Scoutmaster conference

Usually the Scoutmaster conference will be during a troop meeting. You will sit down with the Scoutmaster and talk about what you've accomplished while working on your requirements. Based on this conference the Scoutmaster will decide whether or not to recommend you for a Board of Review to advance to the next rank.

Board of Review

The Board of Review consists of at least three Troop Committee members who will ask you about your accomplishments, what they mean and what you've learned from them. They will also check to make sure you are wearing your complete uniform (including your green socks!) and will not pass you if you are missing any part of your uniform. So it's important that it's complete, clean and you make the best impression you can. Sit straight, look at people when you talk to them, and answer their questions with complete sentences.

Receiving the patch

After your Board of Review, the Committee members will decide whether you advance to the next rank or not. Assuming you do, you will receive the patch for your new rank at the next troop meeting. Congratulations!